Pacific Community App

Put your hand up if you have a smart phone. Wow! It looks like most of you do.

Smartphones are changing the way we access information and accomplish daily tasks. (They can be dangerous too, but that is for another conversation.) We recognize that handheld devices are becoming the primary way to do many of the daily things we do--apart from making up our bed. PCC is working towards integrating our communications and key connections by integrating our website, giving system, and other key things into a mobile app on your phone. 

We encourage you to download the app as a primay way to connect and keep in touch with what is happening at PCC. More and more we will be encouraging you to register to upcoming events through our app. Besides we have added some great tools too. For instance, check out the Bible button!

The LEAD app: This is a special app for leaders at Pacific. If you are leading a group that is connected to our Community Church Builder you can access and increasing amount of group functions on the newly developing LEAD app.  Download the app. The url to locate our church is  

We would love your feed back as we continue to add to the app weekly as we keep it clean of the old and replace it with what is new.