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As I look at the many notes that have accumulated on my desk and have taken up digital space on my computer, I am not sure if many would know how much combined energy and effort it took to submit this initial draft.

This is always overwhelming and consuming work that demands the best capacities of prayer, grace, creativity, and patience. The Mission and Vision team is submitting its initial draft for the congregation to read, review, consider and comment on.

This initial draft indicates a big step forward but further work is to be done. As you know, it is our number one goal to craft a mission statement that will be followed up with a more explanatory vision statement that paints a clear picture of where we are headed in the next three to five years. This will clarify strategic objectives about what we will seek to focus on year to year. But first, and most importantly, we need to be agreed on the mission which describes what we are about and why we exist. While the mission statement is more general and universal the vision statement, which is to come, will be more particular and focussed.

We invite you to join in. First read our submission below and and jump into the two opportunities listed below. If you can't do both, you can certainly help by doing one.

The First Draft:

Embraced by Christ; Embracing his world

Embraced by God, we are called to participate in his redeeming work in a disoriented and troubled world. We are a community of new and maturing disciples of Jesus Christ being transformed into his likeness to embody his visible, vocal and peace-making presence in our neighbourhoods and the nations of the world. Empowered by his Holy Spirit, we seek to be expectant stewards of all of God's creation, to proclaim his story, and to generously embrace others at his table.

We are asking you to do two things:

One: We invite you to attend the congregational forum on Sunday May 27th (12:00 noon) We are providing food and childcare but you have to register.

Two: We invite you to provide feedback. Please do this whether you are able to attend the forum or not.

Register Now. If the link is causing trouble here is the address (copy and paste into google):

Provide some feedback Now. If the link is causing trouble here is the address (copy and paste into google)

Learn more about the process:

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