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Leadership is a word that often strikes a bit of fear in the hearts of those asked to lead. We all have varying sorts of ideas about leadership and what it means. It is notable that leadership talk really exploded onto the scene in the last forty or fifty years. Interestingly, the Church at large jumped into the conversation as if the Bible had more to say about leadership than the rest. But sometimes I have the sense that we have too quickly embraced theories about leadership that are not assumed in scripture and yet we read them into scripture. Dare I say that even "servanthood leadership" may view leadership in a strangely unbiblical way (ask me to comment on that once).

Nevertheless, it is still good to talk about what leadership means from a Christian and biblical perspective. I came across a helpful video. Tell me what you think about what they think.  I think they root leadership thoughtfully in the Genesis account of creation and the biblical concept of stewardship.

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