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We have come a long way! Back in February, the Board launched a Mission and Vision Team (MVT) to facilitate a congregational process to clarify a vision and mission for Pacific Community Church.

At the outset, the team decided that our goals should be modest. We would seek to clarify a mission statement at 100%. We would seek to clarify a vision statement at 60%. We would clarify strategic objectives at 30%. We had a tight time frame. We saw ourselves starting with study--getting our head and heart around what needs to be said. We then would move into scribing--writing clear statements about what we sensed. Our meetings began February and we had to have something ready for the May forums--three months. We called it "May Madness."  Moreover, we wanted to have something substantial to present to the congregation by September. Constraint can make you crazy or make you creative. We, the team, think the Spirit granted us creativity and clarity.

The team had seven lengthy meetings. Facilitated three forums--May 9, May 27, and October 21.  Following the first forum, the team began to scribe the statements. That was a journey that required many hours and many emails and conversations outside the seven meetings. By the first week of September we were ready to present our best work to the Board. They endorsed it. Brian preached it. So here we are.

We are now at an important step. The sermons and the forum on October 21 presents the team's best effort of discernment at this point. The forum provides you, the congregation, significant opportunity to provide feedback. We need it. We need the Spirit of God to lead us.

The forum, in fact, provides us an opportunity to say together, "It seems good to us and the Spirit." What we agree on will shape what we do. Ultimately, we should be more concerned about what we do than what we say on paper.

We invite you to read the Mission and Vision Statement. Think about it. Pray about it. Talk to people about it. Attend the forum. This blog offers a comment feature. I invite you try it out. 

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