The General Fund

A fund that supports Pacific Community Church directly by providing resources for ministry, staffing, maintenance, mortgage, and all the costs associated with our local church. You can learn more about the way we steward our financial gifting by following this link. Check out our 2015 video that describes our General Fund.

The Building Fund

A fund for special building projects. It often goes by different names. For instance in 2010 we had the Make Room Project which was designed to expand our auditorium and seating capacity. In 2013 raised funds for the Cloverdale Community Kitchen. In 2017 we raised funds for general renovations. See our renovation plans.

The Missional Fund

A fund to resource the wide variety of intiatives in our community and the world. By giving to the Missional Fund directly you contribute to a number of great funds simultaneously that are listed below: Help Fund, Cloverdale Christmas Hamper Fund, Cloverdale Community Kitchen Fund, Cloverdale Community Garden Fund, PCC Missionary Fund, Global Advance Fund, NAIM--Tim Higginbotham Fund, Young Life Fund etc.). See Funds listed below that are included in the Missional Fund. Each of these funds can be given to directly also. Learn more about the Missional Team and Groups.

Global Advance Fund

(Give directly to but also included in the Missional Fund)

Financing global missions is a major task for any mission-minded organization. Global Advance Fund (GAF) is the means used by The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada. The bulk of this fund covers the expenses involved in sending missionaries and international workers overseas, including salaries and benefits, as well as the costs associated with ministry in various countries. The remainder is designated to strengthen the sending base, to train missionaries at Ambrose University College (formerly Alliance University College) and for various administrative needs including the National Ministry Centre.

In 2016 we launched the annual Jaffray Offering around Thanksgiving. It gives us a great opportunity to highlight the Global Advance Fund.

Each of the more than 400 Alliance churches in Canada supports GAF through their giving. Individuals in those churches give faithfully to both the local church and to missions.  For more information select here

The Help Fund

(Give directly to but also included in the Missional Fund)

The fund provides timely aid (not ongoing) to people needing immediate help in terms of financial stress because of circumstances like sickness, job loss and other unfortunate realities.  It has been an important part of the ministry of Pacific and it has served people in our midst and many we don't know. 

Community Kitchen Fund

(Give directly to but also included in the Missional Fund)

This fund supports the efforts of the Kitchen in Cloverdale which provides over 150 meals a week Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Our Coldest Night of the Year fundraising goes directly into this fund.

Christmas Hamper Fund

(Give directly to but also included in the Missional Fund)

Since 2006 Pacific has been involved with the Cloverdale Christmas Hamper Program. It is a huge Christmas effort that includes schools, businesses, citizens, organizations and churches throughout Cloverdale who together help over 200 families make their way through the Christmas season. This fund provides financial resources to facilitate the program. Read more about the CCHP.

Young Life Fund

(Give directly to but also included in the Missional Fund)

The fund supports the ministry work of Young Life in Cloverdale. We support them directly by the providing them office and storage space and collecting special offerings one or two times a year. Learn more from their facebook page.

Gideons Ministry Fund

(included in the Missional Fund)

The fund supports a mutual partnership between the Gideons organization in Canada and Pacific Community Church.

PCC Missionaries Fund

(included in the Missional Fund)

A number of full time missionaries have made Pacific Community Church their home church. The Missional Team seeks to support our missionaries. Funds given directly to this fund are provided to approved missionaries. Missionaries we presently support: Tim Higgenbotham of North American Indigeninous Ministries; Jake & Courtney Klassen with YWAM; and Xhevat Krasniqi with Global Outreach Mission