A General Overview

Cloverdale Community Kitchen began its offical operations after the completion of the kitchen on December 2013. Although we were able to build the kitchen, our operational costs were unknown. We had no tangible sense of what the demand might be on hydro, natural gas, food, maintenance, repairs, etc.. We estimated a cost of $30,000 over the year. To raise those funds, we organized the Coldest Night of the Year Walk on February 23, 2014 to raise that amount. We raised double that. It was an astounding success and gave our first year of operations plenty of room to make things happen.

Our practice, in terms of finances, is to keep the costs of the CCK separate from the costs of the church's regular activities (Our General Fund). In other words, any funds designated to the CCK and raised for the CCK will be used for CCK and will not be used for any other ministries or expenses of PCC. We have rigourous policies around designated giving and our financial practices. You can check out the church's annual financial review and read our annual report (our fiscal year runs from September 1 to August 31). Although, we manage CCK's finances distinctly from the church's finances, it is still part of PCC's financial system. We do the same with a number of other programs and funds. Presently, this is working well. To offset the expenses that PCC incurs by hosting the kitchen, PCC applies a 15% "Administration Assessment" to the CCK to cover costs of Hydro, Gas, boiler fund, and basic administrative expenses.  All other expenses of the CCK are assumed by the CCK budget (food, improvements, equipment, etc.). We think that this is a more prudent way of doing things than charging rent, for instance. At any time, you would like to find out more about CCK's finances and arrangments feel completely free to contact our office. We are glad to share with you what we do and how we do it.

As we continue in this project, we expect that our budgeting forcasts will become more informed as we understand the costs and the demands. We intend to create an effort that becomes self sustaining through social enterprise, support from granting organizations, and community support throught the CNOY walks. Through these efforts we seek to increase the capacity of the kitchen to move beyond the weekly three meals to more focussed programming that addresses unmet needs and provides skill training and employment opportunities for the disadvantaged.

December 2013 - August 2014 Financial Highlights

  • Completion of the CCK with no debt outstanding and additional suplus funds to apply to improved security, improvements to the dining room, and operational costs.
  • As of November 1, 2746 guests were served throught the three weekly meals.
  • As of November 1, 47volunteers have worked together to prepare, serve meals, and become friends with our guests.
  • As of August 31, operational costs totalled $19,489.24 indicating a expense cost of about 2200 per month. These costs began December 1. This represents a nine month experience. A twelve month forecast on these numbers suggest an operational budget of around $26,400 per year to do what we are presently doing. (In terms of the costs expensed as of August 31-- 15% Administrative fee: $9857.80; Kitchen Maintenance and supplies:$7,186.07; Food purchases: $1,796.07; Fundraising expenses: $649.30.)
  • Coldest Night of the Year 2014 walk raised a total of $64,000 of which $48,000 were directly designated to the CCK after administrative costs for the fundraiser.
  • Funds were used to hire a professional consultant to review the present efforts and to make recommendations about CCK's future direction. The process included over 50 contributors, 12 different Cloverdale organizations, and 100's of sticky notes.
  • In general, this was a year of establishment as we became used to the equipment and space and equipped a growing group of volunteers who are quite capable in operating the kitchen and maintaining a high standard of food preparation. A number of equipment issues arose and we quickly became aware of the cost of hydro and gas that the kitchen consumed. Who would have known the grease trap would fill so quickly and smell so badly!

September 2014 - August 2015 Hightlights and Plans

  • As of September, 46,344.03 remained in CCK's Fund not yet having expensed the consultant fees. 41,238.30 remained from 2014 CNOY funds, 5279.38 remained from special giving to the kitchen from .
  • The Consultation Report recommended the recruitment of a full time CCK Coordinator to start as soon as possible. A final forum in November presented the results and the Board's decision to move forward with the primary recommendation. We have begun a recruitment process in December 2014 recognizing that we have sufficient funds and clear direction.  See the report below.
  • The Coldest Night of the Year Walk 2015 is planned for February 21, 2015 with a goal to raise $70,000. We project our annual budget for the year will be $100,000. Again, this will be a year of establishment but with new added capacity to develop existing programming and increase programming.