Coffee Cupping with Brian

Introduction to Coffee Tasting Seminar

This intro to coffee tasting will teach you the techniques and vocabulary used by professional coffee tasters to identify the aromas and flavours in coffee.  We will taste coffees from the major growing regions of specialty coffee and explain how the factors of varietal, terroir, and processing at origin give coffees their unique flavour characteristics.  We will also cover hot-button topics like Fair Trade and Direct Trade and answer any questions you have about the wonderful world of coffee.

When: Saturday May 12, 9:30-11:00 am
Where: Brian and Heather Larsen's, 3844 154 St, Surrey BC
Cost: $10 (includes coffee and pastries)
Note: Limited to 20 people

Space is limited so click here to regsiter ASAP.

Instructor profile:

Grady Buhler is the Coffee Quality Leader for JJ Bean Coffee Roasters and has worked in the coffee industry for over 15 years.  He started as a barista and café manager before moving into quality control. In his current role he oversees all aspects of coffee quality, from sourcing the green coffee to roasting to the training of baristas.  Grady received his Q-Grader certification in 2013, making him an internationally recognized professional coffee taster.  He has travelled to Central and South America to meet with coffee producers and to learn about coffee growing and processing.  Grady is also a certified French Wine Scholar and enjoys cooking.  In his spare time, Grady enjoys his family, making music, and serving as an Anglican priest.