Create a Community Burst

You can create a community burst--a one time Pacific social event around something you like to do.  The goal is simple. Invite people to something you enjoy doing with a specific goal to meet people at Pacific.

How does it work:

  1. Think about a community burst idea you are willing to lead.
  2. Submit idea to the Pacific staff team to be developed and approved.  Submission form below. Staff team will facilitate registration, promotion online and onstage, and help set the date.
  3. We will equip you to say some Pacific like things at your event:
    • Say "Hi." This is a Pacific Community Burst. Our goal is to get to know each other.  I am so glad you have joined us for this activity. If you are new to Pacific, feel free to ask more about Pacific. We will try to answer. But our personal hope is that we get to know the person who worships along with us.
    • Have other people say "Hi." Let's introduce ourselves.
    • Say "Why".  Explain what the Community Burst is about and the goal for the day.
    • Have Fun. Describe what's up for today, provide necessary instructions related to the specific event. 
    • Have Fellowship. Get to know each other. 

Submit your Community Burst Idea