Men's Groups

Groups for Men

Men at PCC face ever increasing demands, stresses and struggles.  The Mens Ministry recognizes the many issues and wants to help unite men to face these challenges, not alone, but as a band of brothers, focused on Christ.  We seek to better equip men and to foster active participation to build meaningful relationships.  

Every first Wednesday of each month we meet together to share stories, pray and lean in to God.  Get in touch to learn more. 

We would love to see you come out to one of our many social gatherings throughout the year and also get involved in our upcoming programs.

If you have questions about this ministry, or want to get invovled, please contact Craig at [email protected]


“The vision for PCC Men’s Ministry is to see men transformed into fully devoted followers of Christ”

Our Mission

PCC Men’s Ministry is centered upon three core tenants.

  • GODLINESS - Helping men live godly lives through biblical truth, discipleship, and accountability
  • COMMUNITY - Helping men live life together through gospel centered community.
  • SERVICE - Helping men live generous and sacrificial lives through service to one another, the church and the broader community.