Missional Groups

A variety of initiatives seeking to participate with God and His Mission for the world.

Pacific embraces its identity as a missional church. That word, missional, comes from the idea that our Trinitarian God is on a mission in our world. If God is on a mission, then the church, which God created to be a 'light to the nations,' should be on a mission too. The idea is reflected in our mission statement, Embraced by Christ, Embracing his world

The Missional Team simply seeks to facilitate missional life at Pacific. We are not just focused on overseas trips. We think that mission is both global and local. Our goal is to make room for good missional things to happen. In the process we expect to grow, learn and be changed. We expect to learn more about God's mission, his ways, and our role in his mission.

This ministry team is made up of Board approved Pacific members who facilitate and cultivate our missional activity.  The members of this team are those who exhibit passion and capacity for the church’s God-given task.

Learn more about our missional fund which identifies the strategic initiatives we are taking from year to year.