Missional Team

We believe God is on the move. the Missional Team seeks to facilitate and encourage our involvement with the mission of God here at home and abroad. We meet monthly. We invite guests who are dreaming of a missional initiatie or to share their missional activity. We have a heart to come alongside the many at Pacific to be a support and an encouragement.

"God is working here and everywhere else. If God is moving, so should we. The mark of a missional church is that it embraces the world just as God embraces the world. Being missional means that we are partnering with God in his redeeming work in the world. Whether it is eating a meal with a homeless person at Monday Night Cafe or praying with missionaries on the field in Africa, we as a team hope to create and facilitate opportunities for all of us to get on the move with God and others. There is something very transformative about it all!"

Members of the Missional Team:

  • Bill Tatum
  • Trish Felzien
  • Tim Higginbotham
  • Matthew Campbell (Community Kitchen Director)
  • Jim Heuving (Executive Pastor)

Contact our Team: If you would like to join the team or to present to the team please contact Jim Heuving ([email protected])