Missional Values

The Missional Team developed a set of guiding values in 2011 that shape its decison making and actions. 

Two Primary Ones:

A “walk with” instead of a “do for” emphasis: We believe that our missional engagement must reorient away from a “first world” dominant perspective of benevolence toward a “sharing with ” orientation which empowers and cultivates a restored humanity that takes responsibility and ownership of God’s calling in one’s own culture and context.

A local/global emphasis: We believe that we need to alter the paradigm of “us and them” in our missional understanding. Pacific is as much a missional outpost as is the Church in Grand Savant, Haiti. Instead of viewing our partnership in terms of the “haves” and the “have nots,” we  view our partnership relationship as brothers and sisters who are living out the call of God in their own context and culture.This implies that we need to not only stimulate good things in other places but that we also need to stimulate good things here.  Geography, economics, or race no longer sets the boundaries of what is a mission field or who is a missionary.

Specific values that inform our missional priorities

Pacific People and Projects: We are a missional community in which the Spirit raises up leaders who are variously deployed according to their gifts to participate in the Mission of God. We believe it is our mandate to help encourage, facilitate, and empower missional leaders to further the work that God has called them into.  Therefore, the MT will meet with individuals engaged on the missional frontlines and present them to the congregation for support and prayer.

Alliance People and Projects:  We are members of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.  Instead of prioritizing the promotion of the Global Advance Fund (GAF), we strategically identify CMA missionaries and projects using the GAF simply as a funding tool not the project.  Therefore, we will regularly and consistently highlight the people and projects of the C&MA and explain how people can support them through the GAF (see the seamless link page).

Focused and Strategic: We believe that we need to embrace and support the wide diversity of missional expression that emerges in our congregation, but we also believe that we need to isolate key strategic projects and plans to raise up before the congregation to support and advance.  Thus, we will target particular projects and people that we will prioritize for a set time.

Self-sustaining:  We believe that our partnerships with projects and people must be tempered with the belief and expectation that ministry efforts will lead toward self-sustaining models of ministry. In other words, in over sea projects, indigenous leaders are intentionally being equipped to take ownership and to be incarnational leaders in their own culture and context. On the home-front, ministries do not become dependent on a church’s limiting resources but develop models of ministry that empower and enable people to live expansively as ambassadors of God’s kingdom.

Holistic Breadth: Consistent with our distinctives and mission and vision we will prioritize missional efforts that encompass the full breadth of God’s redemptive intent which includes not just the salvation of the person but the restoration of distorted social systems and realities that reduce the capacity of humans to thrive as God intends.  Therefore we do not reduce our missional priorities to church planting but to efforts that embrace creative and courageous efforts to demonstrate God’s love and resources.

Continuity: We believe that our strategic goals should promote longer term engagements in contrast to promoting a varied number of disconnected projects that keep us from engaging deeply with a community we partner with.

Constructive (Adaptive): We believe that our Missional engagement should be reflective and discerning so that we are able to constructively contribute to the advancement of God’s Mission in the world.  As a result we will partner and support missional initiatives that are cultivating re-newed models of ministry and we will seek to contribute constructively to the shaping of Alliance missionaries and projects to the extent we are able.