How to make a group work

The success of a Sermon Based Small Group will be dependent on how everybody in the group helps to make the group a success.

We don't think that one person should do all the work. The person asking the questions can change from week to week. You can share host homes so that the group can, if it wishes, move from one house to another. You can find the sermon questions uploaded with weekly audio message.

We expect that there will be a primary make-it-happen type of person who will be the primary contact connecting the group to the church leadership (Groups at Pacific Team) and ensuring everybody else is connected and communicating. The primary task of the make-it-happen person is to get everyone in the group to make-it-happen.

We think you can pray together. Though you may be new to this, praying together, for each other, is the best part of a group. The very cool thing about establishing groups is that is it not just you and the others meeting, God shows up too!

We think you should have fun. As you meet, we hope you establish great friendships. Celebrate birthdays, do a Christmas potluck, go bowling or something. 

What can happen on a night:

  • Welcome - maybe a bit of food/drink but save the big snack for the end.
  • Red Dot - how is everybody doing? (10 min)
  • Text Reading - read key text from message (2 min)
  • Work through message questions together (30-40 min)
  • Close by gathering in prayer for needs in group and stuff raised in study (15-20 min)
  • Highlight next happenings and plans for next meetings (5 min)
  • Eat- finish off the food, offer to bring food the next time.
  • Clean up - be nice to the hosts
  • Goodbye - hugs are nice

It is just that simple!

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