Operating values

Each group builds upon the message spoken on Sunday. The group gathers weekly to discuss the content of Sunday's message by utilizing the sermon questions uploaded with the audio recording of the message. No surprises. If you heard the message live or by audio you are all ready to jump into a discussion. What better way than that to digest what God might be saying to you and to the church.

Each group is open to others. Particularly for Sermon Based Small Groups (SBSG), we believe that anybody that would like to participate can join a group. We recognize that at times there may be growth concerns but those are challenges we will address as they happen. Hearing the sermon is all one needs to participate in a group discussion. If somebody calls you to say they want to join your group to discuss the message, the answer is, "Absolutely!"

Each Group can meet where they like. Most SBSG's will be hosted in somebody's home. Many groups will rotate through people's homes.That is probably the best but you are not limited to that. 

Each group has a core leadership team. A good and healthy group will develop a shared leadership style where everybody participates to make things happen smoothly. Nevertheless, the group will need to identify a person or a few people who will ensure that everything that needs to happen will happen. The best kept secret to a good group is a leader who gets the next group meeting organized before everybody walks out the door. You are all in this together. Enjoy how God can use you all to be a blessing to all. 

Each group will provide opportunities for group members to lead and participate. Good groups happen when everybody gets a chance to use their gifts or explore new gifts in their group. Everyone should have a chance to lead a discussion when they are ready, or to lead the prayer time when they are ready, or to bring the brownies when they are ready, or to invite new group members. You are all in this together and when you get to know each other it is the best place to grow and thrive as a member of God's people.

Leaders of each group will participate in the broader Leadership Community.  The Groups at Pacific team will invite the primary leaders to attend a leadership community event, twice a year, in order to share learnings with other groups, discern direction together, and be a support to other leaders.  It is the place where we can connect and shape a healthy community life at Pacific.

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