Sunday Service

When most modern Christians hear the word "worship" in connection with Sunday morning they think about the singing.  In many places corporate praise singing has become synonymous with "worship".  At Pacific, we love singing!  But we value singing not as an end in itself but as an important piece in a much larger and colourful puzzle. 

When we gather for worship, we view God not only as the object of our worship but as thesubject.  In other words, He is the primary performer, not us.  We gather and worship only because He has made a way to himself through Jesus Christ.  He is the initiator.  We are the worshipful responders.  This difference in perspective has resulted in a changing value system. 

Preaching is not simply an exercise in learning that follows "the worship" but an encounter with the Living Word.  Communion is not only our act of remembrance but His very life "broken, poured out, and given" to us.  This is one of the reasons we celebrate the Lord's Supper every week. 

So what can you expect if you attend Pacific?  A group of struggling yet thankful beggars lining up at the Bread line!  Confessing, praying, listening, lamenting, eating, drinking, questioning, and marvelling.  Oh yes, and also singing! 

Service Time

We meet every Sunday at 10:00 am