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The Annual General Meeting will be a place for members to gather to wrap up and celebrate the past ministry year, pass the last year's financials, vote in new Board of Elders members, establish the next year's Elder Nomination Team and other related business.  Anyone is welcome to come, but only official members can vote. 

This business is all part of cultivating a healthy community. So we invite you to stay Sunday No 27th following the worship service.  Be informed and press into the future with others with the same heart, mind and soul. 

Information for the meeting that we encourage you to read will be found below:

  • Annual Report - these will also be available in printed form at the church.  This document gives you an overview of the last ministry year's events (Sept 2010-Aug 2011) and happenings and the things we are looking forward to.
  • Short Financial Review Statements - this pulls a select number of pages from the official, long version
  • Simple Brain-friendly Financial Statement - this statement will be available later this week.  This is our in-house financial report that provides and easy way to take a look at the finances of Pacific.
  • Full Financial Review Statements - this document is produced by and Accounting Firm, Fairholm & Co., to review all of our financial records and produce and official financial report.  If you would like to receive a printed copy of the full version, you can request from Tracy, Taya or Dave.