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Heart Renovation
By C&MA President, David Hearn

“I hate this house!” It slipped out with a velocity and intensity that caught me offguard. I had just shifted the broken soffit so I could repair it and next thing I knew I was wearing an entire bird’s nest as feathers, dirt, and dried grass fell into my hair, ran down my face, and into my shirt. “Ahhhh!” It was just one more setback and frustration in a growing list of repairs required in our new home.

As most of you know, Agnes and I purchased a fixer-upper and have been in renovation mode since the middle of August. The romantic picture of renovations depicted in various reality shows such as “Property Brothers”, “Love it or List it”, and “Holmes on Homes” has long since faded.  The truth is that overnight transformations on a shoestring budget are far from reality. Renovations are frustrating, time consuming, and frequently overwhelming. This sounds a lot like spiritual renovations

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