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If you find yourself in the Golden Square Mile in Montreal, the bustling neighbourhood which touches the campuses of McGill and Concordia, walk along Stanley Street and you will discover a tall building with a sign outside: Ambrose Hotel, House, and Café. This unique building houses an emerging New Venture. As the housing element of these three spaces, Ambrose House is offering a life-changing experience to students.

The Ambrose Hotel building has belonged to a family within The Alliance for over 10 years. During this time, the building has functioned as both a hotel and a coffee shop. However, over the course of the pandemic, the owners recognized an opportunity to use the building in a new way. With hearts stirred for mission, they were moved to open it up for students in their community in need of discipleship and mentoring. As universities increasingly deny Christian ministries and clubs meeting and office space, Ambrose has unexpectedly become a hub and base for student ministries in downtown Montreal.

Now, during the summer months, Ambrose Hotel operates as an AirBNB, offering hotel stays to visitors to Montreal as well as a space for conferences and events. In the fall and winter, Ambrose House takes over, a Christian co-living home for university students including live-in mentors representing Power2Change and Intervarsity. Throughout the year, Ambrose Café runs as a coffee shop and study space, while also offering an opportunity for the student staff to share the Gospel with the cafe patrons. This is all part of an overarching focus on Jesus’ calling to make disciples in all of life for all the nations. At Ambrose, this translates into a strong emphasis on discipling through businesses.

Montreal is a city with rich religious history and yet longing for a fresh experience of Christianity and the church. The fact that Ambrose House can operate within a building to show hospitality and offer discipleship opportunities to students represents an incredibly rare opportunity.

As a New Venture, Ambrose House is excited to continue to discern their place as they establish this new community, invite new partnerships, and learn to be the church in this unique context. They are grateful for the engagement of like-minded organizations like Power2Change and Intervarsity.

You can learn more and support Ambrose House by visiting the New Ventures website at and at 

Bethany Mortelliti

Bethany is the Communications Lead for New Ventures and loves telling stories of Jesus at work raising up new Canadian leaders and churches through the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada. Bethany lives in Quebec with her husband Matteo and their two boys.