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By C&MA President, David Hearn

This past summer I spent a few days with our District Superintendents (DSs) in Quebec. During this time, one of the things I quickly became aware of was the way meals are presented and enjoyed. Food in Quebec is an experience. It is viewed as an opportunity to linger long in the atmosphere of the moment and savour every bite. The DSs and I would start dinner at 5:30 p.m. and sometimes not finish until after 9:00 p.m. Each course was served with flair and ample time was given to engage with each entrée. To be honest, I was initially frustrated with the long pauses and the unhurried pace. I am a fast food kind of guy. I love food but I want it quick. It is a necessary stop on my way to something else. My concern is how often we tend to treat Jesus like “fast food”.

Recently, I spent a day of prayer to slow down my world and tend to the inner space of my soul. It took me almost four hours to quiet my fast-paced mind so I could be still enough to listen to God. I sensed God challenging my “fast food” relationship with Him.

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