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If you have been attending Pacific or have lived in Cloverdale for the past 18 years, you've probably heard about the Cloverdale Christmas Hamper Program.  It is a program that provides food, sundrie items, gifts, toys and more to those in need in December each year for Christmas.  In 2010 we gave out over 205 hampers to families and individuals in this community.

For 2011, there will be a slight change to the CCHP committee and Scott Napier and myself step down from our leadership roles on the team this year.  Though Scott and I have both enjoyed being a part of this ministry for the past 3 years, and will continue to from supporting roles, at this time we believe it is time for us to step aside. 

It's our desire for Pacific Community Church to continue to take a very active role in this program and to continue to host it here as well.  We believe that there may be some from Pacific who are interested in joining the Hamper Program committee and we want to extend an invitation for you to think and pray about this opportunity!

We will be having a meeting on Wednesday Sept 7th; 7:00 pm in Room 125 at Pacific for all who are interested in exploring this ministry further. 

Please RSVP here by Friday Sept 7th