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Many of you have not been receiving e-mails from us since June.  Some of you may not have noticed, but many of you have.  We have been attempting to track down the route of this issue for over a month now and it has been confirmed that our e-mails are indeed reaching their intended destination (you) but the Internet Service Provider (ISP) on your end is tagging our e-mails as SPAM or unwanted junk.

It would seem that the issues are mostly related to Telus and Shaw e-mail providers.  We believe that something within their SPAM settings updated in June and began to tag everything we've been sending to you as SPAM or junk. 

These settings seem to be defaulted to IMMEDIATELY DELETE our e-mails as they  considered e-mails from our CCB online community as bulk/junk mail.  Therefore, anything that we now send from our staff e-mail accounts also gets tagged as SPAM as we are associated with the CCB e-mails.  This means that you may not even be receiving our e-mails in your junk folder any longer.

This will require some work on your part.  We want to communicate with you - it is vital for so much in the life of our church.  Please follow the steps necessary to Whitelist us and update your SPAM settings. 

  • Go to your SPAM settings and check your defaults.  If it is defaulting to automatically delete all SPAM, you will need to change that to "tag" the SPAM instead.
  • Whitelist us by adding our e-mail addresses to your safe list.  You can do this when you receive our e-mails in your SPAM folder by marking is as "safe", or in your settings add (, and to your safe addresses. 
  • If you follow these steps and are still not receiving our e-mails, please contact your ISP and ask them to help you fix this problem.

You can visit our blog post on this subject here for more detailed explanation and instructions.

If you need help - please contact me anytime and we will be happy to discuss with you.