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New Curriculum Possibilities:

With the Mission & Vision of the church being finalized in Nov 2012, this became a good time to take a more serious look at a process that would bring the children's curriculum and structure in-line with the church's Mission & Vision as well as a Gospel focus. We will together discuss this direction.

Who is the CFT?

We have established a Curriculum Facilitating Team that will coordinate the process of desion-making and create opportunities for different stake-holders (teachers, volunteers, parents, kids) to provide feedback.  Once this team has done some research and has a good understanding of the issues, they will make recommendations to the staff and CMLT of some suggested curriculums.

What is the timeline for the change in curriculum?

  • February & March will be the research and study month; pulling together all the facts.
  • March & April will be the exploration time...taking a look at what is available out there that meets the core values and mission of Pacific and how well it will be implemented in our context.
  • Sometime in April a short-list of curriculums will be submitted to the staff ad CMLT for approval and implementation.
  • May - September should be training and implementation time! : )

How can YOU be involved?

 This survey will help the team to hear your voice and understand the experiences and beliefs of parents, volunteers, teachers and even those that are not associated with Children's Ministry.  This will be valueable and will contribute to the direction we prayerfully seek to go in.

Select here to begin the SURVEY now

If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to contact the team!