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Endings and Beginnings
Thank you for continuing to journey with us in these last months.  We are so grateful for your prayers, connection, and generosity as we have all faced the challenges and opportunities that this season has brought us.

Today marks an ending: our Regional Directors, Murray and Michelle Derksen, are moving out of this current role into a new season together as a couple. They will be spending the next year in Canada on home assignment. The photo above is from our last visit together in Venezuela. And yes, we did see them many times after this but we loved that this picture also included Kelly.  Both Murray and Michelle have had a HUGE impact in our lives and work over these past years and we will miss them greatly but we know the ripples of their love and influence in our lives will continue on. We bless them in this new season!  We love them so very much! 

June 16 was our last session of Alpha Online for our Covid-19 group!  We are so thankful for the lives changed, the stories we continue to hear and connection the participants continue to have.  In Angela's Tuesday evening group, two women who had grown up in Catholic backgrounds, shared similar stories in that they had faith in God but through Alpha, they found a relationship with Jesus. Neither of these women have a church connection so in these days where we still cannot meet together as a church family, we are starting a new small group where these women can continue walking in community as they grow deeper in Jesus.  Thank you for praying over these last months!  Your prayers made a difference!  Usually after Alpha Weekend, we have seen numbers slowly drop off but this year everyone continued to the very end, and both groups ended on a strong high note.  We loved seeing the Holy Spirit work in the lives of all of the participants and volunteers.  Many are eager to bring friends to the next opportunity and are even eager to participate in another Alpha Online! 

The boys finished another school year on June 11. While it was challenging to finish this year at home, they both finished well and have been very ready for summer break. 

June has also been a transition month for us as we were asked to take on a new role here in Mexico City as Team Developers for Mexico beginning July 1st. With the Derksens leaving the role of Regional Developers in Latin America, a new leadership paradigm is being introduced to our region with Blake and Kathy Penson, current Mexico Team leaders, moving into a new role as Team Developers for National Church Relations in the Sun Region. We have loved being a part of the international community here in Mexico City and are eager to see how God will continue to build His church here in that community. We will continue to attend Union Church and invest there as a family and the boys will continue to attend the same school.  How our role does change is that now our focus will be on the care and development of our team here on the ground in Mexico City. 

The team here is a wonderful diverse group of people and their work and ministry involves Justice and Compassion, Church Planting, Mission Mobilization, and Envision. We have been so grateful for the leadership of the Derksens regionally and Blake and Kathy Penson as our team leaders. We move into this new season as Mexico Team Developers with hope and anticipation.  Please pray for wisdom and creativity for us and also the Pensons as we move into these new roles.

With all the endings and beginnings, one more we would love to share with you is that Kelly Dyer will be headed back to Canada in July for a one year home assignment. We have loved working closely with Kelly over these last 10 years!  That's right!  We all started as International Workers 10 years ago this summer!  We were able to go to language school in Costa Rica together and onto Venezuela and now here in Mexico City.  We love her dearly and will miss her lots over this next year however, we are so thankful that she will be able to have this year in Canada. Please join us in praying for her in this time of transition.  It is hard to have to say goodbyes in a physically distant world.  And moving is always a huge challenge.