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As we send this prayer update out this morning, masses of people are gathering in the streets of cities and towns around the country either to express their support of the government or their discontent with the current government. This is a national holiday so schools are closed and families are marching together. There is a lot of tension in the country today as the marches and protests make for a perfect storm. It has been reported that already one person has been shot and killed this morning in protests.

We give thanks and praise to the Lord:

We praise and thank our God who is our rest, peace, joy and Sovereign Lord over all.

We are thankful for our home that is a quiet refuge today.  

We celebrated the resurrection of Jesus together with our house church this past Sunday. All of us were impacted in deep ways by the love of God towards us in sending His Son to conquer death so that we may have life.  We praise and thank our risen Savior!

We are asking the Lord:

Today could be a really dark day in the history of Venezuela. Never before have this many people hit the streets. There is potential for a lot of violence because both sides are likely to meet along their respective marching routes throughout the day. We pray that as people march today, no matter their position, that their messages will be clearly heard and received without violence and more loss of life.

We continue to pray for a doctor from one our our Seamless Link churches who is planning to bring 200 lbs of much needed prescription medicines to Venezuela at the beginning of May. He needs a letter of invitation or authorization from a hospital or government organization to avoid problems at customs. As far as we know, no one has tried this bold initiative. Please pray that we receive the authorizations he needs to bring in the medicine.

People in our house church and many other friends are expressing that they are going through real difficulty. A number of our friends can not only afford to fix their vehicles, they do not have enough money for 3 square meals a day. Please pray that we would respond with God-given compassion and wisdom to the needs around us and that God would provide for the Márquez family in our house church who do not have the funds to fix their vehicle and for Claudio and Marlynet (church planters outside of Caracas) who also cannot afford to fix their vehicle and are also struggling to make ends meet.

Thank you so much for praying with us! Your prayers make a difference as we live and follow Jesus in Caracas, Venezuela.

Loving God and loving people,

Chris, Angela, Mackenzie and Lukas