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What others have said and some examples that may ring true in your life and experiences:

"Oh, we had a WILL alright.  But Ben was able to point out that my wife was not going to have access to my investments, several bank accounts (secret ones), and the house was in my name.  She would have had a probate bill of more than $15,000!  Funny, last year I had a heart attack!  Good thing I am still here to straighten this mess out. Yah!  She would have had to wait up to a year or more for the money.  The 4x4 was on my name as well so that saved her from spinning its wheels on my grave.  I would have deserved it! She had to let it sit until probate was concluded!  Hey, this guy is good."

"I love my wife Nancy, but I didn’t realize that she could overturn my childrens' inheritance and then channel it to her children if I died first!  Ben helped us think that one through."

"He illustrated to us how we could minimize probate, pay fewer taxes, and avoid possible litigation of our estate."

"I learned how my drug addict son could benefit from my estate without having his portion to spend as he wants.  Otherwise he would likely kill himself with overdose!"

"Ben reviewed my will and he pointed out that my adult daughter would lose her disability pension if she inherited her portion directly.  He also explained how this could be avoided but my daughter could still receive the benefit of my last will and testament.  This was totally missed in the writing of my last will and testament last summer at the notaries office!"

"I cashed out my stocks in order to give to Pacific Community’s ministry and failed to get the total tax benefit.  Ben illustrated to me what I should have done.  Wow!  Frankly, PCC could have gotten a bigger gift from our family!"

"Honey, I just wrote Ben a note.  What do you think?-- “Really appreciated our time with you last week. You were able to help us consider issues that we (me esp.) had not thought of.”"

Ben will be hosting a seminar titled "Last Will and Testament: Defining Overlooked Critical Issues", at Pacific on Tuesday November 1st; 7:00 pm.  More info on this seminar here or  Register here

Ben Kononoff's role is to represent the financial and stewardship interests of the Christian & Missionary Alliance.  Building legacy for the local church ministry, church planting, Global Advance Fund to support over 200 missionaries, and Ambrose University College, and assisting local churches meet their own financial goals is his assigned missional objective.

Ben is a pastor, a teacher and a facilitator in estate planning. He has met the standards set out by CFRE International which includes tenure in the profession, education, professional achievements, and a commitment to service to not-for-profit organizations. After spending nearly 27 years in pastoral ministry, Ben became a Financial Development Officer at Ambrose University College (Canadian Bible College, Canadian Theological Seminary) for three years. In 2002 he began his work in the Canadian Pacific District.

Over 55% of British Columbia residents do not have a will. Many more do not adequately address their estates creating major costs in taxation, probate, and lost benefits.

Ben will be available for bookings the week of October 30th. These private consultations are provided as a ministry and gift of the Christian and Missionary Alliance to the local Alliance Church free of charge.

You can book a Last Will consultation (approximately 90 minutes), which will make a difference to you as an individual, your family and your church. Undeniably, we become global influence-rs because money reflects who we are. It is no wonder Jesus made over 2000 references to money and material possessions in His teachings.

Ben will be in service on Sunday October 30th to personally book appointments; or you can fill out this form to pre-book here.