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You will find below the newest master Worship Schedule covering January - July 2013.  

This schedule is for:

  • Worship teams
  • Communion preparation
  • Communion servers
  • EZ Worship techs
  • Facility lock-up
  • Hospitality/Welcoming teams
  • Prayer ministry teams

If you serve in any of these capacities, please be sure to open the schedule below and mark on your calendars the dates you are next scheduled.  If you cannot be available for your scheduled rotation, please find a substitute or replacement and inform your ministry lead ASAP.  You will be able to locate the contact information of other volunteers if you have a log-in and password to our online community; ask Taya to set you up if you don't have one yet!

Remember, you will receive automatic reminders when you are serving through Planning Centre Online, a website that we use to create our order of service and to help us with scheduling and reminders.  Each time you are on, please CONFIRM so that we know you are coming.

If you have any questions, please contact Taya!