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Christmas and the turn of the new year came and went rather quickly for us this season. We are already back into our life of relationships - family and ministry - after the Christmas break.
Creating Space
We have seen that creating space for people to have spiritual conversations and ask questions is vital in connecting and going deeper with the international community of Mexico City. The way in which we are creating space varies but the vision of being intentional is the same throughout. When we create the space, we are seeing people encounter God in transforming ways!

ALPHA came to a close on November 30. We are so grateful for all that we were able to see God do in and through people through those 10 weeks. It was a privilege to be a part of people's journeys in going deeper with Jesus. Many of the participants are now asking how they can be involved in offering Alpha again in this new year and we look forward to seeing what will take shape in the coming months.

We love the small group that has been gathering in our home on Thursday evenings.  It is a diverse group with people from Mexico, United States, China, South Africa, Holland, France, Venezuela and Honduras (and Canada).  We share a meal together as people are coming from a long day at work and then share time in the Word with prayer time to close. This past week our table was filled with people while others were still arriving so we had to spread to the living room space to accommodate them all!  It was a prayer fulfilled as we have prayed and dreamed of our home being filled with people since we moved in last February and began the search for furniture. We are so grateful for your generous financial support and prayers as we have made Mexico City home. As is normal in the international community, most people will only be with us for a short time. We are praying that those who enter our home will come to know Jesus in a deeper way that encourages them to seek out other Jesus followers and share His love and salvation with others as they move on to new countries and assignments.  

Another way we have been creating space is by visiting people at their work places or meeting them nearby their work for lunch.  Life is full with work and family but everyone needs to eat!  We are thankful for these times of good conversations and getting invited into another part of their world. 

We continue to serve with Union Church and are thankful for their support and trust as we move forward in sharing Jesus among expatriates and english speaking nationals.  
Growing and Learning
In November, we had the great joy of being with our entire Sun Region at a retreat that happens every 3 or so years.  It was special to connect with people who have become deep soul friends and who have walked with us since we left for language school almost 10 years ago.  We had a full week of learning through teaching by Rob Reimer and Martin Saunders.  We are so grateful for our leadership's investment in us and for giving us devoted time to learn and grow.  Our whole family went to this week long retreat and the boys loved spending time with their friends (currently in Canada on home assignment) as well as many of their adopted aunts and uncles from around our region.  
We had many reasons to celebrate this season. The boys finished well a challenging semester at school. Angela's cousin got married and we were thrilled to be with them and other family to celebrate. After traveling from the wedding, we were home in Mexico City on the 25th to celebrate Emmanuel - Christ with us - and our first Christmas in our new host country. We celebrated the close of the year and the dawn of a new one with friends. It was amazing to think that the year before we did not know these people and yet what a gift to celebrate with these new friends. January 4 marked our one year anniversary in Mexico. Celebrated most that day was the fact that for the first time in three years, we did not have to think about moving.

The days after Christmas were pretty low-key for Angela and the kids while Chris took a cross country paragliding course in Valle de Bravo. 
It's hard to believe that the boys are already half way through their school year.  They are both continuing with sports (Mackenzie is running and Lukas is playing American football) and looking for other ways to get involved in school life.  The highlight of the week though continues to be the weekends when they connect and spend time with friends that they have met through church. We are thankful they have found people that share common interests and experiences.

Lucia is most often found running or climbing somewhere or reading books and trying out her new words.  She has a determined and happy personality and is persistent to communicate with her words and whatever necessary!
Praying Together
• We pray that we are intentional and discerning about creating space for spiritual conversations as we share Jesus and make disciples of all nations here in Mexico City. 

• We thank God for using Alpha to bring all of the volunteers and participants deeper in their relationship with Jesus!  

• We pray that as this new year has dawned, we will also move forward with God's vision for His church here in Mexico City.

• We thank God for evidences of trust growing in relationships.  May all the little, seemingly insignificant ways we love multiply to having people know they are loved and known by Jesus and may they surrender to Him!

• We thank and praise God for one year in Mexico City!  We thank Him for His faithfulness in our grief, in our joy, in the challenges and in the adventure. 

• We pray for spiritual alertness and steadfastness in the midst of spiritual opposition. 
We are so grateful for you! Thank you for praying with us! Thank you for giving to the Global Advance Fund! Thank you for your encouraging emails! Thank you for partnering with us

With love,
Chris, Angela, Mackenzie, Lukas and Lucía