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Jesus said to go out to all the world.  As a church we stand beside some of our own who go to far away places helping churches, starting churches, expressing God's love in a myriad of ways.

 We are members of a larger Christian Community who are convicted about how to go out into all the world.   This is who we are.  Here's what we say in one of our organizing documents (Constitution):

The local church is the fundamental unit of Christian fellowship as exemplified in the Scripture. Faithfulness in multiplying churches around the world that are nourished in the Bible and full of the Holy Spirit is the scriptural pattern for carrying out the redemptive purposes of God and the Great Commission of our Lord and Saviour. The statement of our founder, A.B. Simpson is as relevant today as when he gave it in his address to General Council in 1912:

"We need to be perfectly adjusted in our loyalty to Christ and at the same time in our responsibility to the special trust which He has committed to our hands. God does not want us to be afraid of losing our consecration by being true to The Christian and Missionary Alliance, by knowing how to keep rank and by marching loyally under our own standard.

"Further, we must have the right adjustment of our home and foreign work, and the interdependence each upon the other, the home work as the constituency of the foreign, and the foreign as the outlet and complement of the other.

"Our foreign work is not only the fulfillment of the supreme duty of the Church of Christ, but the loftiest inspiration and uplift of our whole Christian life at home.

"God grant that this work may never lose its old simplicity, self-sacrifice and separation, not only from the secular but from the religious world in its spirit and practice. But at the same time, we must keep abreast of the progress of our age and be men and women of today in our message and ministry to our generation."