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Monday Night Cafe (MNC) is a place where some of Cloverdale's homeless and financially struggling residents can make themselves at home for a couple of hours.  They are served a free hot meal and a coffee and have fellowship with their fellow Monday Night Cafe friends. 

MNC at Pacific is a bit of an off-shoot one that happens at CLA in Langley.  Some of the volunteers that have served in Langley are from Pacific and desired to open up Pacific's door to those in Cloverdale who can use a meal and some friendly conversation too.  Over the summer, MNC took a hyatis.  Gloria Fraser is an experienced volunteer at Monday Night Cafe and she is ready to make it happen at Pacific once again, but she needs help.

We need a minimum of 3 MALE volunteers each Monday night.  We are also in need of individuals willing to make and/or serve a meal to the guests and then take the opportunity to sit with their guests to listen and show compassion. 

If you are interested in becoming involved at Monday Night Cafe, contact Gloria at ASAP.