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Stephen Woodsworth is a Member of Parliament for Kitchener Centre in Ontario. He is presenting a motion to Parliament this month which requests that parliament review the criminal code which states that a child becomes a human being only at the moment of complete birth. The statement is based upon seventeenth century medical opinion and evidence. Woodsworth is arguing that the criminal code, in this instance, should be reviewed in the light of twenty-first century medical evidence and opinion. Therefore he is requesting parliament to review Section 223 of the criminal code.

You can read more about the motion and the petition online: Stephen Woodsworth Webpage

The potential implications for unborn children are significant. On the basis of the present criminal code a child has no legal rights until they are completely born.  Perhaps reviewing the criminal code in the light of twenty-first medical evidence will provide sufficient rationale to alter the existing criminal code.

You can support Woodsworth's effort by signing a petition in favour of this motion.  We will have the petition available for the next two sundays and through the week. Eric Kolke, a Cloverdale resident will be picking up and delivering the signed petitions to Russ Hiebert, our Member of Parliament. Signed petitions provide weight to a Member of Parliament when they speak to an issue on the floor.

I encourage to read more about MOTION 312 and consider throwing your citizen's weight behind a worthwhile initiative.