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PCC is pleased to announce that we are now a Fragrance-free space

Over the years, we’ve been coming to the realization that our church needs to be a fragrance-free environment.  For many people (particularly those with seasonal allergies or asthma), scents and perfumes can trigger severe reactions, such as difficulty breathing/shortness of breath, coughing and or sneezing, tingling in the nose and throat, tightness in the chest, headaches, and more. Even when you remove yourself from the source, it can take hours (or sometimes days) for the reactive symptoms to fully clear.  In light of this, it’s a no-brainer.  For the sake of love, we firmly encourage our congregants to refrain from wearing perfume or cologne when coming into the church building.  Not to worry, according to the scriptures, we will still remain “the sweet fragrance of the knowledge of Jesus in every place.”  

Thank you for your consideration of others who suffer with severe fragrance related allergies.

With gratitude,   
Pastor Brian