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Friends at Pacific,

I trust this finds you well.  Thanks for your faithful prayers and support.    
A highlight of this past summer was a partnership between Pacific Community Church (our church), Crystal Lake Church from Chicago and community members from local First Nations in the British Columbia interior.
This was the second summer our church sent a team 3.5 hours north to help setup the Mount Currie youth “Red Soul Rising (RSR) Bush Camp.”  This brief trip is an excellent opportunity to begin to understand some of the tough history between Native and non-Native peoples, start new friendships and expend energy (work!) to the glory of God.
For many local youth, this camp is the highlight of their year.
There were a couple of great things that happened during the camp.  
Our church delegation was comprised of young children to guys in their 50s.  All worked hard doing work that was dirty and physically demanding…a fabulous group…not a single complaint.  The final night a Native friend of mine, John Johnstone, led our church and the Chicago group in the “Blanket Exercise” (a great, interactive time to learn about the histories of Native and non-Native relationships in Canada).
Another highlight was watching relationships develop between local First Nations and the church groups.  This was year 20 of this camp and five youth committed their lives to Christ.  Don DeHart, a missionary who spent his career in the area, expressed his thoughts after the camp:
“Thank you all…I look to the promise Jesus left us in Matthew 10:42.  ‘…If you give even a cup of cold water to one of the least of my followers, you will surely be rewarded’ (NLT).
We could not have done RSR 2018 without your partnership. The hard physical work of cleaning, restorative dressing up of the site, set up and personal investment in our lives and Mt. Currie, local elders in Sacht’een, older youth and our Crystal Lake team…all were great encouragements to us.  And they all contributed well to a benchmark camp this year.  All of these were huge gifts out of our Father’s love through your hands and faces into our lives.”
Thanks for listening,
Tim & Lana Higginbotham

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