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Why we ride... Across the Country for the Inner City.

Ride 2012 (Christian & Missionary Alliance) seeks to raise awareness for our inner city church plants and provide much needed resources so they can deliver compassion and justice to people in the inner city.

Perpetual motion. It’s a perfect description for the inner cities of Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto (and many others). A vast cross section of people with a complex mixture of beliefs, ethnicity, attitudes, desires and motivations intertwining on the street every day. Christian workers are already building community in vibrant neighborhoods in each of these cities. And now we need you to move. Not here, but wherever you are. Ride 2012 is designed to make it easy for you to support these budding churches. It’s your turn to set the pace. Please help us provide the funds and support to plant congregations across Canada.

These three are the first of many projects as Ride 2012 raises awareness of the needs in the inner cities and other communities across the country. In years following Ride 2012 many more churches will be started, because those involved in this adventure will gain a heart of those hurting across our country. Follow the projects here.

Check out the videos for more info here

What can you do to get involved?