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The marginalized and neglected in Canada’s inner cities have suffered long enough in the raging battle between light and darkness, and hope and despair. Now is the time, to take back the city and to bring hope and light to those who are hurting.

The Ride 2012 seeks to raise awareness for our inner city church plants and provide much needed resources so they can deliver compassion and justice to people in the inner city.

There are three key projects in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal which the Ride 2012 will be supporting. These three are the first of many projects as the Ride 2012 raises awareness of the needs in the inner cities and other communities across the country. In years following Ride 2012 many more churches will be started, because those involved in this adventure will gain a heart of those hurting across our country. These three church plants will be the catalyst of many more project.

Find and follow some of our BC riders and support them!  Follow the ride blog here.

Here's a familiar face - Jay Ewing is riding now from Calgary to Kelowna.  Jay used to attend Pacific with his family and is now on staff at Mountainview Alliance in Langley.  Support his ride here.  Visit to find other riders to follow and support.