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Please Pray for Venezuela!
This morning Venezuela woke up to two presidents, protesters killed in the streets and a lot of confusion and tension. Many nations including Canada are recognizing Juan Guaido as the new president while countries like Russia, China and Turkey stand behind Nicolas Maduro. One thing remains certain: the future of Venezuela is unknown. Though we desire to be fully engaged in our new life in Mexico City, we are preoccupied praying for our friends and family still in Venezuela. Please pray with us for Venezuela. Here you can find an article to read that covers the basics of the current situation.

Mexico City Update
After Christmas in Saskatchewan with both our families, we headed back to Lake Country to pack up and move to Mexico City.

We left Canada on January 3rd and arrived in Mexico City on the 4th after delays and missed flights. Our luggage did not arrive with us but despite the challenges of getting here, God gave us deep peace through the whole journey - an answer to many prayers. Thankfully our luggage arrived two days later. 

Our first task has been setting up our boys in their new school. This transition has been challenging for them but just this morning Angela and I noted that the boys woke up cheerful and resolute that today would be a good day at school. There is still a lot to get used to like getting up at 5:15am so they can catch the bus at 6:15am, a whole new curriculum, new people and really a new "everything". We are confident they will adapt with time but we ask you to continue to pray for them. Pray for good friendships, wisdom to figure out what extracurricular activities to be be involved in and that they would grow to love their new home.

Angela and I have been looking at apartments. As of this morning, we have found one that could be a good fit for us as a family. We need wisdom as we make decisions in the coming days about whether we extend our stay in the temporary AirBnb so that we can continue looking or whether we should go with one of the apartments we have looked at.

Today Angela and I went to the immigration offices to apply for temporary resident cards. We are so thankful to have people helping us with these processes. 

Though we haven't officially begun our new role as International Church Planters, we have begun attending Union Church. We were excited that a new family to Mexico City that Chris invited to come to Union Church actually came and we spent the afternoon together with them after the service. It was an affirmation to us that God wants to use our love of people and hospitality to grow His kingdom!

It's good to be with our colleague and friend Kelly Dyer who was with us in Venezuela here in Mexico City. It is also reassuring and fun to be part of the Mexico City team of International Workers. We are thankful to be a part of this community and look forward to seeing how God uses us all in our various roles and ministries.

And so looking ahead: we pray the boys settle well and even enjoy their new school community, that we find a suitable home and that from that home we can begin showing hospitality. We are praying for vision, for the people who we have yet to meet and disciple and for God to lead us on.
We are so thankful for your generosity!
We almost have all we need in our Car Fund to purchase a vehicle here in Mexico City!

You have been generous in giving to our Outfit Fund! We are so touched by your support! Your generosity will allow us to purchase what we need to furnish our new home - and we will need to purchase everything!

If you desire to partner with us financially to make a kingdom impact among national and expat English speakers in Mexico City, we would ask you to consider giving to the Global Advance Fund (Chris & Angela's Support) or our Work Fund. The difference between the two is that the Global Advance Fund allows us and all other C&MA International Workers to live and serve in our foreign fields while the Work Fund allows us to cover the expenses of doing ministry 

Thank you again for your generosity!
We are so thankful you pray!
• We are asking the Lord to show so much grace and compassion to our boys and to give them peace and joy. May they grow deep roots in Him.
• We are asking the Lord for wisdom in choosing a home.
• We are asking the Lord for Vision for the future.
• We are asking the Lord to lead us as we make connections, build relationships and show hospitality.
• We are asking the Lord to bring freedom to Venezuela and the Venezuelan people - Freedom in Christ!

The Lord has done great things for us,
    and we are filled with joy.

             Psalm 126:3

with love,
Chris, Angela, Mackenzie, Lukas and Lucía