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Why PushPay?

Key Features:


Pushpay has invested in independently tested, bank grade payments infrastructure. Your bank and card details are securely stored in order to prevent unauthorised access. Lost your phone? That’s no problem. Payments cannot be made without your secure 4 digit passcode.

Pushpay compresses the entire payment process into just 10 seconds leaving you more time to spend on the important stuff. Want to see what 10 second payments look like, watch the video.

Pushpay is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

1. Choose who you want to pay
2. Choose how much
3. Enter your passcode


Installed on your mobile phone, Pushpay is everywhere you are. Pushpay can bring 10 second payments to you wherever you go, at home, in the office or even watching your loved ones play football on Saturday morning. Pushpay is about making payments convenient for you.

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