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Back in September of 2019, we kicked off the 9th cycle of Thrive with a group of courageous women who were ready to make a fresh start. Little did any of us know how much things would change during 2020 as a global health crisis impacted us all. 

These young moms have leaned in and accomplished truly amazing things over these 10 months and found a life-giving community, despite the extreme and added challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Being a new parent can be an isolating experience in itself, let alone layering on the need to be physically distant and new financial constraints due to the pandemic. We’re in awe of their resilience and strength!

During Thrive Graduation, they were celebrated and affirmed as they each shared a piece of their story and how Thrive impacted their journey through this extraordinary time. One young mom, Katie, shared with us: “Being in Thrive has impacted me and my family in an amazing way. They taught me how important self care is, life skills, parenting tips, and much more. Being in Thrive encouraged me to ask for help. Before this, there was no way I'd be asking for help or opening up. Throughout Thrive, it was always filled with words of encouragement - I always felt like I belonged. Thrive is full of love and support, as much as I pushed away and avoided, there was someone always waiting for me and I appreciate everyone in the Young Families program."

This is truly a snapshot of the Young Families community and the impact and influence positive relationships have in our lives! For more than 15 years, Thrive has been one of the cornerstone programs of Young Families. And for more than 15 years, Thrive has been creating a space for transformation and community - even during a season of so many unknowns and finding new ways to show up and provide support for young moms in need. 

Thank you for your ongoing partnering with us. We are grateful for your support as we work together to help break barriers of isolation and loneliness through programs like Thrive.


Charlotte Toney Young Families Thrive Facilitator 

PS:  One Last thing.... All this great work at Young families is only possible through the donations of people like you. At this point my salary account is about $550 short on being fully funded. If you are feeling led to increase your giving amount or start for the first time, please press the link below. I am deeply grateful for all the ways you support this work.  Please join us in prayer as we plan what September will look like, in hopes we can start some areas of our weekly programs back up.