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Well, the exciting news is... [drum roll] if you haven't heard, my husband, Alex, and I are having a baby! I'm just over 24 weeks pregnant and we are expecting at the end of February! We are so excited for this journey ahead and are so grateful for our community of support! You have been a huge part of my support community throughout my time in this ministry and you have given me the ability to do this life giving work for the past 5 years - I am eternally grateful! 

As I prepare to go on maternity leave in February, you might wonder, "what does this look like going forward?"

Well, if you've been a financial supporter of this ministry, I will personally be sending you an update via snail-mail [mid-late December] with action steps you can take for the duration of my leave. There will also be an open invitation for you to consider continuing your financial support so that I am able to continue to serve and care for young people when my time comes to return to work. Your financial support is critical to the work we do and I could not have done these years [or in the years to come] without you.

If you pray for this ministry, please continue to pray. My update letters will pause in a few months, but it's easy to stay connected through our Young Families newsletter.
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If I could invite you to be praying for:
- Our Young Families team as they continue this beautiful work with young families in Surrey. 
- Myself, that it would be seamless to pass on the relationships and personal work I've invested in over the years, and in just a couple of months quickly transition into mat-leave. 
- My husband, Alex and I as we enter into parenthood and all that journey has for us as we embrace a new little one into our home. 

Keep an eye out in your inbox and [snail] mailbox for the last few updates of this season before my mat-leave. I can't say it enough but your support - in ALL its numerous ways - has been a gift to my heart, my family and the Young Families community. 

Peace to you -
Charlotte Toney

In October, Young Families hosted a Covid-friendly family event at Bear Creek Park for all young moms, partners and kids. They were able to drop by our tent, grab a snack and hot chocolate, and enjoy the Bear Creek Pumpkin Train on us!

This event was a hit! After 4 hours of standing outside, during which families lingered and chatted while kids played, we saw and felt that the richness of this community continues to be important!

YOUR partnership, alongside grants and community partners, makes events like this possible. As the days get darker and colder our hope is to continue to show that we care through providing moments like this as we invest in the support and health of families.
Since the beginning of the summer, we have partnered with Cloverdale Community Kitchen's Fraser Valley Regional Food Bank to support our young families in the midst of the Covid Pandemic.  We continue to pick up 15 [approx.] boxes of beautiful fresh produce and dairy every week, fill up our cars, then drive and spread out across Surrey to connect with and support families needing a little extra care at this time. 

We've heard numerous times that these boxes and all the other resources we've been able to drop-off, alongside the face-to-face connection, have been a huge source of relief and refuge in this time. 

Here are a few notes of gratitude from young moms in our community:

“I am extremely thankful for the people that donate food, diapers and wipes. They’ve helped my family out so much during Covid, especially because I got laid off. I didn’t have a lot of money to get diapers or groceries for my daughter. Being able to get free diapers and wipes and food continues to help us out. Thank you!"

“This program helped me so much during my pregnancy. I don’t know what I would do without it - I’m so thankful for everyone. My baby is 4 months old and healthy because of the support I received from Young Families.”