Chris, Angela and their three children are on mission in Mexico City!

  • They began serving in Mexico City on January 3rd, 2019 
  • They are in partnership with fellow C&MA International Workers and leaders of Union Church, Barry and Geri McLeod, as well as our former Caracas teammate Kelly Dyer.
  • They are in Mexico City to reach/gather national and foreign English speakers and start new gospel expressions among them.

    Please be sure to check out

    You'll find the latest prayer requests there, you can get to know the family and find out about their most urgent needs.

    Hiebert Update - November 2020

    We give Thanks and Praise to God...

    ...for His Words and Promises to pray and speak life over people.  

    ...for Joe and Alison who have been an integral part of our small group this past year. They head back to their home country this coming week.  While goodbyes are never easy, we send them out in Light and Love and bless them in Jesus' name! 

    ...for giving our teammate Anne good news regarding her health this week! We have been praying that she would be able to return from Toronto before Christmas and it looks as though she will be back with us in about 2 weeks!  We continue to pray for her as she prepares to return and says goodbye to family. 

    We are asking the Lord...

    ...for people to grow in deeper surrender to Jesus and to be open to be filled with the Holy Spirit this weekend in Alpha Weekend Online. For The presence of the Holy Spirit to be evident even and especially through zoom. For discernment for our small group leaders as they pray with and for people.  For spiritual protection for them in the days following the weekend that they would be strengthen and desire more.  

    ...for our team's overall health and well-being. So many have been pouring out over these last months and are tired. We claim the promise of Hope. His Hope is an anchor for our souls. help us to align with His heart for Mexico and beyond in this discernment season we are in with our leaders and teammates.  May He bring unity and may our hearts be fully surrendered to hear and respond to what He shows us.

    We are so thankful for you and thankful you pray! Your prayers make a difference in our every day and in the every day of nationals and foreigners in Mexico City. 

    With love,
    Chris, Angela, Mackenzie, Lukas and Lucía.

    "You have granted me life and goodness;
    And Your care has guarded my spirit.
    Job 10:12