PCC's Women's Ministry - Embraced

Women gathering together to grow in Christ, to build relationships with each other and to simply hang out and have fun.  This Ministry took a break through Covid but we are looking forward to starting up again soon.  


As we wait for a start up date for this Ministry, take the time to ENCOURAGE a sister in Christ!  Send a note of encouragement - take the time to phone and pray for her!  Let's support each other and ENCOURAGE each other through this difficult days!

Let's not wait for a formal event to get organized!  Take the time to ENJOY each other's copmpany!  Call a friend - or invite someone new to join you for a walk or for coffee!  A small step of offering friendship goes a long way!  

EMBRACE each other!  Whether you have differing opinions or the same - or whether you are just starting out in the work force or you are retired - let's embrace each other as Christ would!  Reach out to someone and get to know them and make them feel welcome and loved!