Temporary Sunday Closure

As you know, our world is facing the COVID-19 pandemic.  As such, we are following the guidelines from Prime Minister Trudeau and the World Health Organization and we will not be gathering together until we have clearance to do so.  We are looking forward to starting back up again and meeting you and your youth.  Until then, we are praying!  Please contact Pastor Prince for more details about meeting through Zoom or Skype.


Grade 7s and 8s are a great group! This group meets every second Sunday upstairs in the boardroom. The emphasis for this group is 'to Grow' and 'to Go'. On 7/8 Sundays, this group will be working through the Youth Alpha Video series and hearing some testimonies of people in the church. 

When they aren't meeting upstairs our students will be encouraged to serve one Sunday a month. Whether that is in kids ministry, ushering, welcoming, tech and sound, these students are a part of our church body and we want to provide opportunities for them to learn what it means to serve in a community of faith.

Fun Nights/Youth Nights

This is a transitional group. Our grade 7s are invited to all of our Fun Nights throughout the year, while the grade 8s are invited to our weekly youth nights on Thursdays. After Spring Break, our grade 7s are invited out to Youth in order for them to begin to make that transition.