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Communion Prep

We are looking for two or three volunteers willing to prepare the communion emblems on Sunday mornings, before service begins, on a rotating basis. This position requires you to arrive about 30 minutes before the service. Clean-up can be done quickly after service.

This is a behind the scenes position so vital to our worship service, yet not hard to learn and does not require a large time commitment. Our lovely, dedicated volunteers that currently serve would be happy to have you come and shadow them if you want to check it out on a Sunday morning!

Communion Serving

We are looking for communion servers. We want to consider the move back to serving bread and juice with the communion packages as a backup for those who would prefer it. However this would mean we require 6 servers and currently we simply do not have enough!

Would you consider joining this team?

Handing out the bread and wine is the height of hospitality. Serving in this way is one of the most precious gifts imaginable. We look every person in the eye, speak the words of institution, "the body of Christ, given for you" with the gravity it deserves. By holding up the piece of bread before the waiting person, you are saying in effect, 'This bread, this very piece that I'm holding up and about to give you, this bread, is the body of Christ, and it's for you.' This simple act transforms the 'assembly line' or 'soup line' experience into a personalized Eucharistic encounter.

We really need another 10 individuals to join this team (couples or singles). Please think about this and let me know if you might be interested. You can even talk to one of our volunteer couples first, or try it once and decide if it is for you!

Thank you for considering!

 Please contact Alex Toney for more information and he would be happy to answer any questions you may have!