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Pacific Community Church launched in 1991 in what use to be the Cloverdale Car Museum. From the old museum (now the Ace Hardware store), we moved into the Cloverdale Recreation Center, then Martha Currie Elementary, and finally here in the "warehouse" in 2001. We are a church that is part of a larger group of churches called the Christian & Missionary Alliance Denomination-a young, protestant, evangelical church group begun with a passion to be spiritually alive and vigorously active in the world. We are one group among many Christian groups that are part of the group (the Church) that Jesus started over 2000 years ago.

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Volunteer Training

Sunday, April 8, 2018



AGM Materials

The Annual General Meeting will happen at 730pm on Wednesday, November 29 in room 125 at Pacific Community Church. It is a time for members of Pacific to participate in decisions that shape the life of Pacific. We... Read More


Christmas Holiday Services

This year, the Christmas holidays land on weekends.  Our services will be as follows: Christmas Eve - Sunday December 24 Services at 4PM & 6PM (no morning service) Advent reminds us of the coming of Lord. Our... Read More

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Pacific Community App

Put your hand up if you have a smart phone. Wow! It looks like most of you do. Smartphones are changing the way we access information and accomplish daily tasks. (They can be dangerous too, but that is for another... Read More

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PCC's Response to Cloverdale Church's Happenings

One of our local churches is undergoing difficult days. Sam and his wife Madelaine Emerson who have been church leaders at Cloverdale Christian Fellowship have been charged with a number of serious charges. In... Read More