Join us at one of our  membership classes. This is an opportunity to have an informal introduction to the organizational life of Pacific and for you to consider becoming a formal member of Pacific Community Church. If you are baptised, attending, and involved at Pacific--we hope you will make this simple step to publically acknowledge your partnership and participation with others in being the body of Christ at Pacific. 

Membership Documents

A few Key documents describe what it means to be an 'official' member at Pacific. Official members are those who are able to vote at congregational meetings, serve on the leadership board, and serve as leaders in ministries. They are an important part of the church as they are involved in the significant decisions of the church (finances, leadership, organization). 

Membership Agreement Document

The membership agreement describes the commitments an official member makes. Our membership class simply walks through the one page agreement and introduces you to the key documents that are referenced in the agreement. 

Basic Requirements:

  • You are baptised. If you are not baptised, we start there first. CLICK HERE.
  • You are a follower of Jesus Christ. We ask you submit a one page testimony of your faith in Christ. The Board of Elders approve all memberships. By submitting your testimony it introduces you to them beyond an informal recommendation from the class teacher.
  • Genuinely accept the commitments listed in the Membership Agreement.
  • If you have been a member of a previous church, we ask you to get a letter of recommendation from them (transfer of membership letter). This is a nice thing to do and it certainly makes it easier for the Board to ratify your desire to become an official member.

Become a Member - Click Here!

Local Church Constitution Document

The constitution is shared by all Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) Churches in Canada--the church denomination that we are part of. It states our basic beliefs (Statement of faith), our basic purpose and mission, and how we generally structure the life of our local church. Learn more about our larger Canadian family/denomination of the Christian & Missionary Alliance (CMA) and all that we do together. The national family is organized around a number of districts. We are in the Canadian Pacific District of more than 80 other churches that we hang out with regularly.

Pacific Community Church By-laws Document

The by-laws are more specific practices that describe how we keep our 'household' at Pacific or if you prefer, how we do 'business' at Pacific. This document, in conjunction with the constitution, structures our life together. It is not a long document but it is specific about the role and task of the Board, how we organize our finances, how we address difficulties, and other such things that are key to cultivating a healthy community of faith.