Life Together
At PCC we welcome all people into our community, actively befriending the stranger and sharing a community-oriented faith.  Our church is a transparent community where we value authenticity and trust and with grace, we bear with one another through life's experiences.

Spiritual Formation
At PCC we desire to draw near to Jesus' presence and to grow in faith as his disciples.  We deeply value prayer, holistic ministry and the scriptures in our pursuit of God.  It is important to us that there are opportunities for everyone, no matter where they are at in their journey with God, to grow in understanding and intimacy with the Lord.

Embodying the Gospel
We are passionate about being the church in the world and strive to share the good news through our lives and words. Our hope is in Jesus Christ and by his Spirit we join his kingdom work taking place all around us. We want to share the love of God with all of our lives,  reflecting Jesus to our culture and world, like a light in the darkness or a bright city on a hill. 

Transformative Justice 
We long to see the whole earth filled with the glory of God. His redeeming work in the world touches everyone and everything and we desire to see that healing work take place in and through us. Our prayer is that we would be a generous people faithfully and actively present in social transformation.