Refugee Sponsorship Group

Refugee Sponsorship Group

A group of people helping newcomers come to Canada


Imagine you’re discriminated for who you are.
Imagine you’re being hurt for what you believe.
Imagine you’re worried, tired and afraid. 
Imagine the days ahead are filled with uncertainty, not knowing where to go. 
Imagine you’ll have to leave your country without knowing if you'll be able to go back.
Imagine living in exile, refugee camps for months or years. 
Imagine you have an opportunity to live in another country you know little or nothing about.

Pacific's Response

Pacific Community’s local response to this growing global problem has started. We can’t change the issue, but we can press into a response. We believe we have a responsibility to care for our fellow humans who are tired, afraid and weary. Our response is to provide refugee families with the best possible personal and emotional support to adapt as landed immigrants to Canada. We want to invite you into our response to help refugee families resettle in Canada and prosper in freedom.

100% of donations will benefit the sponsored refugees.