Cloverdale Community Kitchen Group

Cloverdale Community Kitchen Group

Groups working together to make a difference in Cloverdale

The Cloverdale Community Kitchen exists to help alleviate poverty in Cloverdale. More than just a soup kitchen, we hope to create a thriving place where people can come together to learn, to work, and to help each other. Our vision is to help Cloverdale be a healthy and caring community. We believe that lots can happen around food. We invite you to join others as we seek to create a networking hub of activity so that good things continue to happen in Cloverdale.



Extreme Weather Shelter Open December 22 to January 4

The Extreme Weather Shelter is reopening from December Thursday 22 to January 4. BC Housing determines when Shelters are open and which ones are open.  Pacific Community Church has 15 beds available. Shelter is open... Read More