Cloverdale Christmas Hamper Season

The Cloverdale Christmas Hamper Project has been happening for over 25 years. Every year it is supported and accomplished by the citizens of Cloverdale. Hamper operations will move from Pacific's warehouse to the... Read More


Christmas Holiday Services

This year, the Christmas holidays land on weekends.  Our services will be as follows: Christmas Eve - Sunday December 24 Services at 4PM & 6PM (no morning service) Advent reminds us of the coming of Lord. Our... Read More

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Pacific Community App

Put your hand up if you have a smart phone. Wow! It looks like most of you do. Smartphones are changing the way we access information and accomplish daily tasks. (They can be dangerous too, but that is for another... Read More


The Jaffray Offering

The Missional Team at Pacific considers it a real bonus to partner with our larger denominational family, the Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) in supporting over 300 missionaries to hard to reach... Read More


Noon Prayer Starting on Wednesday September 13th

Once a week on Wednesday at noon, a group of us from Pacific gather for an hour of prayer.  We do this because we’re convinced that without prayer, we can do nothing.  We generally follow a simple liturgy that... Read More


Impact 5/6 Schedule

Impact 5/6 is a ministry for students in grades 5 and 6. We meet almost every Sunday, excluding some key Holiday weekends.  We also serve in kids ministry twice a year, and have a number of cool speakers who come in... Read More


Fall 2017 Calendar

Our 7/8s meet every second Sunday. We also encourage our students to serve somewhere in the church one Sunday, and be in the service one Sunday. Here is our list of 7/8 Sundays: September 10September 24October... Read More


Mt. Currie thank you!

After our youth worked hard setting up camp, Red Soul Rising welcomed almost 100 First Nations kids from the local reserves. It was a great summer for us and them. This is their thank you for God's goodness and our... Read More


Fall Family Registrations

SELECT HERE now to register your family Please complete this form for your family before September 10, 2017.  This information is important for class placement and planning. Pacific is blessed to have Children's and... Read More

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Mt. Currie Missions review

We are back, This past week, 6 people from Pacific went to Mt. Currie to help set up a camp for First Nations kids from the local reserves. We left on Monday, and drove the 3 hours past Pemberton, and then about an... Read More