Blessed is He

Hey Pacific!   I have spent some time this morning composing a blog post on the transition from Lent into Easter.  In particular I have enjoyed exploring the significance of tonight - Maundy Thursday - where our Lord washes the feet of the disciples, and institutes the communion meal.  To get to my blog, simply... Read More

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Come and See!

Hey Pacific! Jeff Schroeder here just letting you know I recently posted some writing where I reflect on entering into the season of "Epiphany".  The season of Epiphany has become very dear to my heart over the last few years, and I want to invite you to explore it with me.  Below is an excerpt from the posting.... Read More


Designed to Lead

Leadership is a word that often strikes a bit of fear in the hearts of those asked to lead. We all have varying sorts of ideas about leadership and what it means. It is notable that leadership talk really exploded onto the scene in the last forty or fifty years. Interestingly, the Church at large jumped into the... Read More

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I wonder

Hi there, Pacific!   Jeff Schroeder here (The new Worship Pastor at PCC!) just checking in to let all of you know that I have started a blog where I will be going on a year long journey of engaging with the Liturgical Church Calendar (or the Church Year). I will offer reflections and thoughts on how I am... Read More


Lent Reflections by Jason Schroeder

John the Baptist has stuck out to me as a person of interest for as long as I can remember. I keep asking myself, ‘What sort of man lives like a hermit in the desert eating grasshoppers with wild honey and  starts splashing water on people?’ Over my lifetime I’ve had a series of shocking realizations about him... Read More

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Lent Reflections by James Johnson

I have never observed Lent in any intentional demonstrable way. I have not given up: chocolate, wine, coffee, sugary treats, facebook, fat-fried foods, movies, and that list goes on… The fact is, this year I entered a season of Lent without even realizing it.   I am ‘on-leave’ from my place of work. Due to... Read More


Lent Reflections by Myrna Buhler

I grew up in a very conservative evangelical church where our yearly celebrations were Christmas, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.   The Christmas decorations, Christmas music and Christmas church activities started the beginning of December and so I had some time to “get ready” for Christmas. But Good Friday and... Read More


What happens in the waiting? By Trish Felzien

While serving in Kenya, I became very familiar with waiting. Waiting at bus stops. Waiting for meetings to start. Waiting for people to arrive. One of the most difficult times of waiting that I have ever experienced was during the 2013 Kenyan election – the election after the election tore the country apart. For... Read More

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Lent Reflections by Matt Van Hulsentop

Lent As we enter into the season of lent we come to a time for reflection and withdrawal. Often reflecting on our common life together and withdrawing our time and energy from the rat race of restless productivity and the endless pursuit for more. Many of us find the tension between our Christian lives and the... Read More


Lent Reflections by Heather Dennis

I have been observing Lent for eight years now. The first two years felt awkward and foreign. I was uncomfortable and unfamiliar with fasting and it often felt like I was trying to maintain a pretence even though I sincerely desired to participate in the season. Over the years, my sense of awkwardness has given... Read More