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 Hello church and community family!

We have launched another week of 24/7 prayer from May 29th to June 5th as we pray into Pentecost together as a community of faith; 24 hours a day for 7 straight days. That’s 168 hours or opportunities to come and pray!  Here is the sign up link. DO NOT DELAY as we are ALREADY A THIRD FULL and the remaining spots will go quickly!!  

The space is ready and sacred and has been used by many since our last week was held.  The room continues to be faithfully set apart for use daily by our staff and board so please come! Experience what the Holy Spirit has for you. Come and be healed, be refreshed, find HOPE, come and just be still…  

The Lord always calls those He would have come and pray.  If you’ve come before, please come again!  If you’ve missed it in the past please be bold and intentional and set a single hour aside to meet with our Lord.   

Please feel free to contact Kevin Tribe with any questions. Revival is in the air, friends.  Don’t miss out.  In His beautiful name.